What kind of universities, colleges and institutions does Shona Educational Services recommend?

Shona Educational services recommends only those universities, colleges and institutions in India that are accredited by bodies such as UGC and AICTE or have been established under laws enacted by the central and state governments. These could be government, government-aided or private institutions.

How is the Shona Educational services appropriate for the students?

The programme guides students in choosing career options based on their interests to provide a basis for further educational alternatives. It then supports them in gaining admission into a course and college that matches their performance, potential and interests. In this manner the Shona Educational Services program provides students a complete solution to make the transition from school to college.

 How can students stop worrying about where they can get admission?

Shona Educational Services will create a short list of courses and colleges where the probability of success is significantly higher in consultation with the student and use it to track the admission process and milestones till admission is obtained.

 Does it mean spending lot of money on buying application forms and giving many entrance exams?

No. Shona Educational Services helps students' focus on a few colleges after assessing the probability of gaining admission thereby limiting costs.

Does Shona Educational Services help students in getting scholarships and educational loans?

Yes. Shona Educational Services will keep the students informed about the scholarships and other opportunities for financing being offered at the institution directly or through other agencies. Further, it will also assist the students in applying for those scholarships and other financing opportunities, provided they qualify for them

 Does Shona Educatinal Services campus tours and interactions for students interested in admission to a particular college?

Yes, wherever possible Shona Educational Services does set up campus visits and interactions with the university or college representatives to enable students and their families to make their own assessments.